Are all my DIAMOND DOTZ® items safe to use?

Are all my DIAMOND DOTZ® items safe to use?

And the answer is, YES!

What’s more, we can say this with 100% confidence as every tool, component, and substrate is tested.. including every single diamond dot (of which we have over 500 shades and types)!

Your satisfaction and safety are our #1 priorities so rest assured that we’ll never compromise on quality and safety, and will always pay close attention to compliance obligations for toxicity.


The ‘WHAT’

The truth is, diamond painting can be a bit of a compliance nightmare.

Especially when you consider the number of generic elements which require testing, and not to mention all the different types of tests needed.

You’d have to test for a whole bunch of nasties like heavy metals (lead cadmium, barium), formaldehyde, phthalates, the list just goes on.

The entire process is quite long, and it’s also VERY expensive.. so you may find that some manufacturers of lower quality diamond painting kits make false claims.

The ‘WHO’

We work with BUREAU VERITAS, which is recognised around the world as being a leader in laboratory testing.

The ‘WHEN’

And without fail every year, all DIAMOND DOTZ® products are independently certified as being compliant to US, Canadian, Australian, and EU standards.


So when shopping for your next diamond dotting project, remember to always look for the DIAMOND DOTZ® brand and be confident in knowing that everything in your kit is made of only the best quality material and is safe to use.

Happy dotting!