Here are some important information that are good to know in order to ensure a good quality and high standard output. Our aim is to create a beautiful result as customised Diamond Dotz are always about keepsake, legacy and has sentimental value to our customers.

This is the criteria and process timeline:

 - Photo is taken by digital camera, not by mobile phones or tablets as the resolution is not suitable to covert into Diamond Dotz sizes. Photos always turn out grainy and blurry. 

- If it is, please email the high resolution photo from your laptop or computer, not from your mobile phone. Mobile phone has the tendency to compress the size and compromise the resolution of the digital photo. We can accomodate up to 10MB. Email address :

- Once you email your photo to us, we will assess your photo and advise you the best size and price. It all depends on the resolution of your photo. We want to ensure the outcome will be as clear and defined as possible.

-Prices start from :

  • 50 x 60cm-RM480
  • 50 x 70cm-RM580
  • 60 x 80cm-RM680
  • 70 x 90cm-RM780
  • 80 x 100cm-RM980
  • 90 x 130cm-RM1280

- We will start to do some editing and proceed with simulation after full payment is made. This might take a 2-5 days depending on our schedule.

- We will then send you the simulation for approval once they are completed. This process is the most important part as it will show you how your completed customised project will look like. This usually takes 2-5 days as our technician works on it to achieve an optimal result.

- Production will proceed once you are happy and approve the simulation.

- Delivery will take 4-6 weeks from approval of simulation.

I have posted some samples of our previous projects with the permission of the owners.