Setting the standard in Diamond Painting

Setting the standard in Diamond Painting

DIAMOND DOTZ® is the brand of choice worldwide with Millions of satisfied customers. We produce the most reliable, best quality diamond painting products available anywhere in the world.

Best quality dotz in the market today

  • More sparkle
  • Most vibrant color pigmentation
  • Most reliable shape and easy to use.   

Highest quality substrate

  • Especially engineered for diamond painting
  • Woven polyester 100%
  • Great surface to dot on

Unparalleled performance Adhesive

  • High tech formula to exacting specifications
  • Developed in the USA
  • Tried and tested over many years

Best Design Interpretation

Designs are built pixel by pixel by experts which provides spectacular end results

Safety and Compliance

The safest and most compliant diamond painting product available on the market


Quite simply the Diamond Dotz® product is exclusive and superior in every way to other diamond painting products in the market:

Diamonds - Drills

Both our 13 facets round dotz and our 9 facets square dotz - are exclusive to Diamond Dotz®. Both are patented and unique to DIAMOND DOTZ® in the world of diamond painting. Both have been expertly engineered and provide a superior diamond that people just love using.

  • Much more sparkle than other beads used by other companies. Our diamond has been specially designed to reflect light more efficiently which results in more pronounced sparkle compared to other companies.
  • Highly pigmented dotz which gives the most intense and vibrant colors on the canvas.
  • Beautifully and consistent shape with the highest level of Quality Control - makes dotting easier and a pleasure to use.
  • Luxury finish because our diamonds have a more prominent profile giving a more textured and dimensional end result.
  • More highlight and specialty dotz than anyone else. We have developed many highlight or accent dotz that make a big difference to the end result of our projects. We use AB, Metallic, Glossy, Neon and Glow in the Dark diamonds to enhance our designs with stunning effect.

Canvas - Substrate

Our base canvas is made of 100% first grade (not recycled) polyester and is exclusively woven to our exacting specifications using the latest “nano weave” technology. This provides a beautifully smooth substrate on which to lay down our diamonds.

Engineered in conjunction with our exclusive adhesive and diamonds, our fabric provides a perfect and superior surface on which to print our designs.

Symbols are crystal clear and easy to read and the end result is a high-quality canvas which is easy to frame giving a professional and hard-wearing finish.


Our adhesives were developed exclusively for DIAMOND DOTZ® by the top echelon of adhesive and coatings chemists in the USA. They have withstood many tests of durability which guarantees excellent, long term adhesion of the diamonds to our substrate. Widely recognized as the best adhesive in the diamond painting category.

Print Technology

We use a patented and exclusive high-tech printing technology to print our canvases. What that means is that symbols are clear and easy to see and our partials are beautifully printed with vibrant permanent colors. The final compositions give a fabulous final result.

Design interpretation

Our dedicated Team of designers build designs, pixel by pixel.

We do not use auto pixilation programs as most other diamond painting manufacturers do. Every design is planned and interpreted with great care and skill providing an end result that has no equal in the market.

The Team at DIAMOND DOTZ® have over 35 years of experience in the category of needlecraft design at the highest level which allows us to use that experience in developing the very best interpretation of artwork in the diamond painting category.

Honesty and Integrity

Diamond Dotz® are the only company in the market that pixelate and dot every single design before launching to the market.

What you see on our packaging, on our website and our catalogues is exactly what the end result of your kit will look like.

Most other companies conveniently just show beautiful images of artwork that very often do not reflect the end result of the project. In our opinion this is a blatant misrepresentation to the consumer in order to gain sales under false pretences. We also clearly state on every package, the number of dotz used to construct the design, the number of colors used and which area is dotted and which is printed.

No tricks or gimmicks.

Copyright and Design integrity

DIAMOND DOTZ® is one of the very few companies in the diamond painting market that respects copyright. All our designs are either licensed or our own proprietary artwork.

We work with many artists from all over the world and our collection of designs is constantly being enhanced.

We are also entrusted with the manufacture of many high profile licenses because we have a proven copyright track record.


Diamond Dotz® packaging is beautifully and elegantly presented to the market with all the information one needs to make a buying decision.

Proven great gift idea.

Safety and compliance

One of the cornerstones of our business. DIAMOND DOTZ® vigilantly tests all components to ensure compliance to USA, Canada, Australia and the EU standards.

What that means in practice is a huge financial commitment so that we can test every single diamond (over 500 different shades and types that we use), every tool, component and substrate.

We only work with Bureau Veritas which is recognized as the premier testing laboratory in the World. Testing is undertaken annually and without hesitation because our end users’ safety is placed above everything else.

Beware of claims from other diamond painting companies that make compliance and safety claims. Diamond Painting is a compliance nightmare with so many generic components that would fail simple compliance testing.

We are talking about toxic substances like heavy metals (lead cadmium, barium), formaldehyde, Phthalates and many packaging deficiencies. It’s one of the reasons we have all our components made exclusively for DIAMOND DOTZ®. So we can control quality and compliance.

DIAMOND DOTZ® the brand of choice

You may have noticed “Powered by DIAMOND DOTZ®”on many diamond painting products in the market today.

This is because we are the manufacturer of choice for many high-profile companies that now sell diamond painting kits.

Licensees to Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, DC Comics, NFL, NBA, NHL, Thomas Kinkade and others, work closely with the DD Team to create beautiful Diamond Dotz® interpretations which are proving to be very popular everywhere. That is no coincidence and is a testimony to the dedication to quality of the DD Team.

“Powered by DIAMOND DOTZ®” is your guarantee of quality and safety.

Pioneers and innovators in the Diamond Painting category

Diamond Dotz® have been pioneering and improving diamond painting products since we began our business in 2016.

  • We were the first to introduce woven fabric substrates instead of vinyl composites.
  • First to introduce no fray scalloped edging.
  • First to include soft grips into kits.
  • Perfected printed + dotted designs. Partials are actually much harder to produce than “full drill” designs.
  • First company to show the end result rather than art images.
  • Pioneered compliance and testing – resulting in the first truly safe to use diamond painting range.
  • Introduced pre-sorted sausage packs produced in the same sequence as the color legend. Easy to organize your project and to start dotting.
  • Introduced dotting for kids under the DOTZIES® range.
  • Introduced the Freestyle program giving diamond dotters the opportunity to do their own designs.


DIAMOND DOTZ® is the number one brand of diamond painting in the world today for many good reasons. The brand is growing in popularity and the sales of Diamond Dotz® kits are growing exponentially all over the world.

We are also converting many diamond painters who used to buy their diamond painting kits online. We receive many glowing testimonials from customers who have converted from other brands.

We have noticed that other companies make claims of “best quality” and have plenty to say but this is what we say – “talk’s cheap” and “actions speak louder than words”.The evidence is clear cut…

To all our avid followers and supporters, a big thank you for your belief in what we do. We are truly humbled and appreciative for the trust you have shown us over the years.

A final word about our Diamond Dotz® Family.

We have mustered a fantastic group of professionals who are the backbone of the DIAMOND DOTZ® business. They are situated in North America, Europe, Australia and SE Asia. All these people are passionate about Diamond Painting and especially about the DIAMOND DOTZ® brand and what it stands for. We are so excited by the future that we hope to share with you during the end of 2020 and into 2021.

Stay tuned dear friends.

In the meantime, Happy Dotting!!