DIAMOND DOTZ® TIPS & TRICKS: Say Goodbye to Static

DIAMOND DOTZ® TIPS & TRICKS: Say Goodbye to Static

As part of the DIAMOND DOTZ® Family, we all have dealt with the frustrating struggle of opening our facets and experiencing the effect of static electricity. From jumping facets, to mini static clumps, this is unfortunately a part of life that just happens! However, we are ready to say goodbye to the static with some very simple yet effective solutions. 

Solution #1: Dryer Sheets! This is the perfect way to combat static and what we recommend the most to deal with this pesky problem. Most dryer sheets are made from a nonwoven polyester material and are coated with ingredients that help fight the buildup of static. Simply cut out a piece of the dryer sheet and place them in the storage container you are using for your DIAMOND DOTZ®. You may also find that rubbing the dryer sheet on your DIAMOND DOTZ® tray before pouring in your facets will help as well. 

Solution #2: Freezer Time! Yep, you heard it right. It may sound strange, but it can help! Try putting your facets in the freezer for an hour or so and watch some of the static you are experiencing greatly diminish. 

Solution #3: Spray Static Goodbye! Similar to solution #1, instead of dryer sheets you can simply use a static guard spray to help with clinging facets. If you choose to do this, we recommend you do it away from your canvas to avoid any unwanted particles from getting on your beautiful work in progress. If you do not have a static guard spray you can also try to spritz your facets with a light mist of water. Again, be sure to spray away from your canvas and let all facets dry off completely before dotting! 

And that’s all to it! Enjoy these simple yet effective static hacks & make your dotting experience more relaxing than ever. Happy Dotting!