Frame Your Diamond Painting in an Embroidery Hoop

Frame Your Diamond Painting in an Embroidery Hoop

Easy as 1-2-3 … “frame” your finished diamond painting in an embroidery hoop, and glue on some pompom trim for extra pizazz!

This has got to be one of the easiest framing solutions for a finished partial-drill diamond painting canvas. Embroidery hoops come in a variety of sizes, and so do diamond paintings! For this project, it’s important to make sure your diamond painting canvas is larger than the hoop, but that the dotted area of your design needs to fit inside the hoop.

Let’s get started! To complete this project you’ll need your Diamond Dotz diamond painting kit, plus a glue gun, an embroidery hoop and some decorative trim (if using).

When you choose this creative finishing option, it’s important to consider the design and the size of the hoop. That’s because the design needs to be a partial-drill design with a bit of negative space (canvas) surrounding it, so that the hoop can grab the canvas and not the dotted portion of the design when you snap it in place. 

HINT: This is the same concept you’d use to frame an embroidered piece within a hoop – just think of the dotted diamond painting as your embroidered motif. Make sense? 

The Diamond Dotz Flower Mandala diamond painting is an excellent choice for an 8” embroidery hoop.

Dot your design


When your diamond painting canvas is finished, gather your embroidery hoop, glue gun and trim.

Separate the hoop’s top and bottom, and lay the canvas on top of the bottom hoop. Snap the top hoop in place, cinching the diamond painting canvas between the top and bottom pieces of the hoop (this is the same way your would secure a piece of embroidery). Once the design is centered properly within the hoop, use your scissors to trim away the excess diamond painting canvas. Apply glue to the underside of your trim with a glue gun (if using), and then press the trim in place on the outside of the hoop.


Looks great, don’t you think? Take a moment to admire your finished piece! The Flower Mandala design has some really cool features – we just love those large specialty gems!


If you have some finished diamond painting canvases that you’re wondering how to finish and display, we hope this project gives you some inspiration!