Get to Know DOTZ BOX

Get to Know DOTZ BOX

Beginner diamond painting kits that are easy to dot, and even easier to hang – yes, please! DOTZ BOX beginner diamond painting kits are loaded with cool features. They've got printed sides and a built-in hang hole on the back so they are ready to display. All you have to do is have FUN dotting them.


Dig into Diamond Dotz DOTZ BOX kits with a pal. These kits are ideal for after school hang out time, birthday parties, family gatherings, vacations – pretty much any time you’re looking for an activity to share, or simply wanting some time to wind down and let your mind rest.


All of the DOTZ BOX contents are packed in the box, behind the printed piece. DOTZ BOX kits contain packets of diamond facets that are sorted by color, just like standard Diamond Dotz kits. Take a close look at the back of the box on the left in the above photo and note that hang hole we mentioned - it's ready to display as soon as you're done dotting, no framing is needed.


Each DOTZ BOX is printed with an easy-to-read chart. Get started by loading the stylus with wax, grabbing a diamond facet, and dotting the design following these basic steps.


Diamond painting is an addicting activity – the dotting rhythm is truly relaxing. It’s a really great way to give kids a break from the screen.


High five! Before you know it, you’re done and ready for your next DOTZ BOX diamond painting.

Check out the full range of designs – there are many super cute DOTZ BOX to choose from, we just know you’ll want several.

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