Holiday Sparkle: Diamond Painting Gifts, Décor & Family Fun

Holiday Sparkle: Diamond Painting Gifts, Décor & Family Fun

Christmas and diamond painting go hand-in-hand, after all, it is the season to sparkle! We’ve compiled some of our top holiday ideas for you: quick & easy DIY décor, great gifts and inspiration for family gatherings.

See how Diamond Dotz delivers on all fronts!



Move aside, puzzle, diamond painting is stealing the show as a fun, engaging and fulfilling family activity. It’s a perfect craft to do over the holidays, when family members are gathered together and looking for an activity they can share. Set a diamond painting design out on the table and let loved ones sit down and dot for a bit. They may stay seated much longer than you anticipated!

There aren’t many crafts that can be enjoyed by kids and grandparents alike, and that will satisfy each - diamond painting is unique in this regard. One of the things that makes diamond painting so appealing is that it truly is easy to master. In just 12 easy steps you'll get the hang of it, quickly getting into the rhythm of dotting.

Check out our full collection of Diamond Dotz diamond painting kits and grab a bunch to have on hand for the holidays and during school break. It’s such a great way to stimulate connection and conversation, and to get kids – and adults – off of those screens! (Love the design shown? It's Christmas Window.)



There are many holiday designs in our Diamond Dotz collection that make wonderful holiday heirlooms. These are substantial diamond painting pieces that you’ll cherish and look forward to displaying each year during the holidays.

Here are a few fan favorites – these have been featured in our social media and you guys love them! Maybe you see something for your own wish list?



We’re dedicated to getting youngsters interested in using their hands, relaxing their minds and doing something other than scroll!

Our collection of DOTZ BOX diamond painting kits checks all of these boxes and kids just love them. DOTZ BOX kits are packed with features: they have printed sides and a built-in hang-hole on their back side, making them ready to hang (no framing needed). Kids dig the instant gratification that DOTZ BOX diamond painting delivers.

With reasonable price points, DOTZ BOX kits make great gifts for classmates, besties, neighbors and young family members.

There are tons of DOTZ BOX designs to choose from – be warned, you’ll want more than one!


At the opposite end of the spectrum, we’re excited to introduce our Diamond Dotz Masterclass series of ultra-premium, advanced diamond painting kits.

Masterclass delivers exquisite designs, challenging diamond painting techniques and luxurious materials. From the moment that gold embossed travel case is opened, until the last dot is placed, Masterclass provides diamond painting enthusiasts with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to push their skills and complete a magnificent work of art.

You will be the BEST gift giver ever when you choose one of our brand new Masterclass kits for that advanced diamond painter on your list. Take a look at our inaugural offering - there are 3 absolutely beautiful designs in the launch collection, including interpretations from both classic and contemporary artists.



When it’s all said and done, the biggest takeaway is that diamond painting really is about the joy of dotting – the activity itself – and sharing that joy with friends and family.

Of course the finished pieces and the projects are wonderful, and we hope you are inspired by the ideas we’ve provided.

But most of all, we truly want you to experience the satisfaction that comes with the craft of diamond painting.

We hope you check out our range, find something you’re anxious to get started on, and develop a passion for this fulfilling craft.

Happy holidays from Diamond Dotz!

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